Human fossil teeth - Links

Links presented here are divided in three categories :
  • Web databases
  • Personal pages
  • Our institutions

    Web databases
  • Primate Morphology Online database (PRIMO): a morphometric databases.
  • PaleoanthPortal: a portal, in English, French and German, providing numerous web databases.
  • PERSEE: a web site where most of French journals, especially old issues, about Anthropology in is broad sens (in English, French and Spanish).
  • E-skeletons: a web site where each bones of Apes and other primates are available as well as informations about taxonomy.

    Personal pages
  • Jean-Luc Voisin professional web site.
  • Silvana Condemi professional pages.
  • David Frayer professional pages.
  • Milford Wolpoff professional pages.

    Our Institutions
  • Institut de Paléontologie Humaine web site (Paris France).
  • Muséum National d'histoire naturelle web site (Paris, France).
  • The UMR 6578 web site (Marseille, France).
  • The University of Kansas web site (Lawrence, Kansas, USA).
  • College of Literature, Science and the Arts, University of Michigan web site (Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA).
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